Welcome to QiFlow

Those who flow like Life flows,
know they need no other force.
Lao Tzu

QiFlow Qigong is based in Sitia, Crete, Greece and offers real life and online Qigong practices which intend to

  • contribute to your physical, mental and spiritual balance and wellbeing
  • teach you how to access your self-healing capacity
  • learn to go with the flow of Life and its energy instead of against it
  • become aware of habitual patterns that are causing disease
  • change these patterns to set you on a path towards healing

QiFlow follows the TQH system, a method developed in Chiang Mai (Thailand) which combines the philosophy of Chinese Medicine with in-depth knowledge of body mechanics and hands-on experience for a more dynamic and holistic approach towards optimal health and wellbeing.

QiFlow Medical Qigong can be practiced by everyone from 9 to 99 regardless of your physical condition: healthy or not, physically able or not, in pain or not, injured or not. The practice is adaptable to any body condition. Flow and you’ll be surprised of what your body is capable off.

I warmly recommend Ils Medical Qi Gong classes. Following her on the path of instructor we’ve been practicing together for over 2 years. She teaches and guides with clear explanations. With acute eyes, she addresses body tensions, patterns and habits, giving precise directions to adjust the posture towards a better energy flow. I’m grateful for her guidance and warm support lately on my neck issue, and I feel confident now that aging will be smoother with no more pain there. A class with Ils is like receiving a customized treatment, her joyful nature being the cherry on the cake.  


It was my first time having qi qong classes and I am so pleased I did it. The teacher, Ils, is very patient and explains all the movements really well and I felt comfortable to be able to ask questions and advice. I really enjoyed the classes and felt that after only a week of lessons my posture had already started to improve. I had a great qi qong experience which I am planning on continuing at home. Thank you Ils.