Qi Flow

QiFlow On The Go

I’m so happy to share this very exciting news! QiFlow goes freestyle. Meaning that there will be no more open classes in Siem Reap. Meaning that this opens a lot of possibilities. And it’s all about you. Yes, YOU!

You out there who is curious about Qigong, who wants to try but there are no teachers in your city.  You out there who has health issues that you would like to treat in a more holistic way. You out there who already took some classes with me and want more.

QiFlow can now adapt to any of its students schedules and places. In need of some (intensive) Qigong practice? Just give me a call and we can arrange time and place of your liking. Anywhere in the world! In the Calendar you can follow where I am and see my availability.  If things are blank, everything is possible!

Looking forward to exciting times!