Qi Flow

Letting go

We practice letting go. And in the process, we find peace.
Leo Babauta

In the previous post I talked about allowing. Allowing all that is so real healing can happen. Today I want to stress the importance of letting go. Real healing can’t happen without letting go. For real healing to happen we need to allow all that is but we also need to let go of all that is not serving us anymore.

Our bodies, our mind cannot change when we hold on to our old ideas about how things should be. Your body can’t realign when you can’t let go of your own/old concepts of alignment. You have to let go of that and allow a new concept to take its place. Your mind can’t take in new ideas when it’s still full with old ones. Like a cup you have to empty it before it can be filled again.

Letting go takes courage. Courage to face the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen. It takes trust, trust that whatever comes your way is for the better even when it doesn’t feel that way at all. It takes opening up. The same opening up that you need for allowing, you need for letting go.

“Find your center” Let go of old, limiting physical and mental habits, allow them to be replaced. Every day, every moment, again and again and again. That’s when exercise becomes more than just exercise. That’s when it turns into spirituality.