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And then there was… a book!

It looks like I birthed a book. it’s on display in the amazon webstore here. With just a few clicks it can be yours. For your kindle or for your bookcase.

It all started 5 years ago with a trip to another continent. At the same time a discovery through mind and body began. That adventure is the subject of Wander to Wonder. I’ve been writing a blog in my native Dutch language for all that time and somewhere beginning this year things came together and a story consisting of a 50/50 combination of previously published blog posts and new material arose. Once I had the text in Dutch I wanted to share it with a larger public and decided to translate it to English.

The focus is mainly on the QiGong part of my adventure and everything around it. However, you will not find exercises in it. A system that has been passed on from master to student for thousands of years is rather hard to put on paper. Or as one of our students said: “I learned more in 1 month practicing with you than in the years that I followed books and videos in my living room.”

So what will you find in it then? Razor-sharp anecdotes, sometimes hilarious, sometimes gripping, that take you on an incredible adventure through body and mind and introduce you to the power of Medical Qigong. Old and not so old blog posts, whether or not adapted in the light of 5 years of experience and topped with a good dose of self-reflection.



Both the kindle edition and the paperback can be ordered here.



Thank you and enjoy reading!