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Letting go

We practice letting go. And in the process, we find peace.
Leo Babauta

In the previous post I talked about allowing. Allowing all that is so real healing can happen. Today I want to stress the importance of letting go. Real healing can’t happen without letting go. For real healing to happen we need to allow all that is but we also need to let go of all that is not serving us anymore.

Our bodies, our mind cannot change when we hold on to our old ideas about how things should be. Your body can’t realign when you can’t let go of your own/old concepts of alignment. You have to let go of that and allow a new concept to take its place. Your mind can’t take in new ideas when it’s still full with old ones. Like a cup you have to empty it before it can be filled again.

Letting go takes courage. Courage to face the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen. It takes trust, trust that whatever comes your way is for the better even when it doesn’t feel that way at all. It takes opening up. The same opening up that you need for allowing, you need for letting go.

“Find your center” Let go of old, limiting physical and mental habits, allow them to be replaced. Every day, every moment, again and again and again. That’s when exercise becomes more than just exercise. That’s when it turns into spirituality.


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Real healing!

These days there is a booming healing business. You can’t name it, you’ll find it. I know that I’m part of it, although I don’t consider myself a healer. People come to me to help me heal their ailments whatever they may be. They heard stories from their friends, they read about it on internet or they talked with me personally. So now they think Medical Qi Gong will get rid of their disease. And it does, don’t get me wrong. But in a very different way than we might think.

Real healing is not about trying to get rid of things. It’s not about “Oh I will do some exercises and I’ll finally be free of this pain, headache, depression, anxiety, … Fill in the blank for yourself. It’s not about fighting against it, getting rid of it or doing something about it.

Real healing starts when we become aware of all the ways we are fighting against our pain, our disease, our condition. Real healing starts when we dare to let go of the suppressing, the numbing of our feelings and sensations. Real healing starts when we start to open up. And that’s exactly what Medical Qi Gong aims for. By become aware of your body, by centering yourself. There will be discomfort, there will be wanting to get rid of that, there will be fear, there wil be frustration, there will be sadness. But there also will be happiness, joy, wonderment, a sense of accomplishment. One not better than the other but all to be allowed in the space that is you. That’s real healing! Allowing all that is there at any given moment.

Allowing the pain, at the same time allowing the part of you that wants to get rid of it, allowing the fear that you’re not able to handle this, allowing all the sensations you feel in your body. Being with it. All of it.

That’s what is meant by “finding your center”. That physical and mental state where allowing happens and real healing takes place. By you, not by me! You are the real healer here, I’m only a guide on your way.



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From now on Qi-Massage available!

I’m happy to announce that from now on QiFlow will also be offering Qi-Massages. Our massage table has been delivered and is ready to receive its first clients.

Qi-Massage is a gentle massage that is designed to help the body find its center. It uses soft pressure on certain points along the meridians to realign your body and to let your energy flow again. Like Thai Massage, Qi-Massage doesn’t use oil but contrary to Thai Massage it doesn’t use stretches or twists. Pain, stagnation and weakness are adressed in a soft, non-painful way adapted to the physical condition of the receiver.

Qi-massage is a very powerful healing tool especially when combined with QiGong practice.

Interested? Contact Ils for your appointment!

When? Only on appointment
Where? In the QiFlow Studio, Dianysadon 14, Sitia
Price? 60€ for 1h
50€ for QiFlow class pass holders