Introductory Class

What is this Qigong? What can it offer to me? Will I like it?

Come and have a taste of Medical Qigong and what it can mean for you and your health during our Introductory Class in Sitia, a town in the northeastern part of Crete.

This 1h class is held on request and it specifically adresses people who like to find out if Medical Qigong is suited for them. After a short consultation we will go a bit more into the why and how of Medical Qigong and we will practice the first 3 of the 7 static exercises together. Afterwards we discuss the possibilities for further practice.

Please contact Ils to schedule yours.

Whenever yours and Ils’s schedule allow it

Dianysadon 14, Sitia, Crete, Greece (1st floor)

5€, 10€, 15€ or whatever you’re comfortable to give considering your income