Workshops are designed to give you a taste of the TQH Medical Qigong System. By using simple, yet profound transformative sitting and standing exercises and breathing techniques, both static and dynamic, we will explore your body’s present condition and open the way to awaken your self-healing capacity. These techniques can be adapted to and done by anybody no matter which state your physical body is in.

During the workshop, we will combine sitting, standing and moving exercises as a means to become aware of your body. Together with short lectures that are woven into the structure of the class, you will gain more understanding on the Law of Nature which is not only the foundation of Medical Qigong but of Life as a whole.

The practice learned in the workshops can then deepened at home or in follow-up workshops, retreats or private classes. Whichever fits you best.

Workshops can also be organised on request. Contact Ils for inquiry.

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