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From now on Qi-Massage available!

I’m happy to announce that from now on QiFlow will also be offering Qi-Massages. Our massage table has been delivered and is ready to receive its first clients.

Qi-Massage is a gentle massage that is designed to help the body find its center. It uses soft pressure on certain points along the meridians to realign your body and to let your energy flow again. Like Thai Massage, Qi-Massage doesn’t use oil but contrary to Thai Massage it doesn’t use stretches or twists. Pain, stagnation and weakness are adressed in a soft, non-painful way adapted to the physical condition of the receiver.

Qi-massage is a very powerful healing tool especially when combined with QiGong practice.

Interested? Contact Ils for your appointment!

When? Only on appointment
Where? In the QiFlow Studio, Dianysadon 14, Sitia
Price? 60€ for 1h
50€ for QiFlow class pass holders