Qi Flow

Your Body like a Mosaic?

While I was going through the pictures I took during my travels in Turkey, the picture of the mosaic you see on top of the post got me thinking. Don’t you think it’s amazing how all those little pieces, perfectly placed, give rise to the most amazing forms and images? At the same time, you can’t look at one piece only, without losing the whole.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) this concept is deeply understood. Contrary to Western Medicine, they don’t look at the body one piece at the time. The body is considered a whole and to treat one piece you have to treat the whole.

In our Medical Qigong practice we do the same. We practice to bring back balance to the mosaic of our body. We learn to look at that amazing form in its entirety. We begin to understand where certain habits, in posture, motion or thinking, distort the image and lead to discomfort or disease. Change the habits, adjust the whole and the pieces will fall into their natural place. Qi flows and you are that radiant, beautiful form you were meant to be.


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