Although Medical Qigong is a healing system, it’s not one where you can be passive. It’s an active healing journey that’s getting more exciting the further you go. The more you become aware of what is going on in your body, the less you will put your health in somebody else’s hands. It’s you who are your own healer and I am honored to guide you along the way. Different people, different needs, different timing, therefore different class formats. Choose the one which is perfect for you and click on the picture for more information!

Open Classes

For the time being, open classes are held three times a week in Sitia, Crete.

One-on-one Classes

You have specific issues that you want to be adressed? Or you are already practicing and want to go deeper? Then One-on-one classes are for you!


Workshops are designed to give you a taste of the TQH Medical Qigong System.