The Instructor

I believe that with the right guidance
and an open mind, miracles can happen.
Maybe not in one day
but definitely over time.

                                                              – Ils Cools
                                          (Founder of QiFlow)

As a kid, born and raised in a small town in Belgium, Ils wanted to become a researcher. She would discover ‘the’ cure that could erase all illness. So she studied Pharmaceutical Sciences, got an extra master degree in Biotechnology and obtained a PhD in Microbiology just to discover that it wasn’t about healing. It was about keeping people dependent on medication, most of the time. That was when she started to look for something else.

That something else came first under the form of Yoga. And as it would make her feel good, she decided in January 2014 to go to Thailand for a 500h Teacher Training Course. Looking back on it she says:

“It taught me a lot. Mostly that my body, which was injured by years of gymnastics, ropeskipping, Kung Fu, Karate and Gym visits, was getting flexible but was not healing. My ankles were still killing me, my toes were still crooked, my back overly curved and tense.”

A recommendation of a friend led her to Chiang Mai and ThaiQiHolistics. Something clicked.

“After one week of practicing Medical Qigong as taught by Ajarn Toh, my body told me that this was it. This was the major breakthrough I was dreaming about as a kid. So I stayed. And practiced. A lot. About 5h every day. It was life changing. My body changed. My mind changed. I can’t say it went smoothly, it was hard, very hard at times but it was so worth it. Bye ankle pain, bye lordosis, bye “my way or the high way”. Hello openess to whatever is presenting itself.”

And when she was battling her personal battles, she also started to teach this life changing system to others. First at the TQH center under supervision, later, about 9 months in her practice, at the Yoga Tree in the heart of the old city in Chiang Mai.

She stayed at the TQH center for more than 3 years. Practicing, teaching and working with various patients having minor problems to major diseases like ALS, assisting her teacher with acupuncture and giving Qi-massages herself. After about 5000 hours of practice and teaching experience at the TQH-center, TQH-retreats, Yoga Tree and some workshops in Belgium, she felt it was time to share the Qigong way with whoever wants to take their health and their life in their own hands. That’s when she decided to set up QiFlow Qigong.

In 2019 she published a book about her exploits.