The Practice

The word Qigong literally means “skill with energy“. And we all know that to become skillful in any field we need to practice.

Repetition, repetition, repetition. That and the right guidance is all it takes to become skillful with your Qi or your energy.

The practice consists of many different exercises and can be approached from many different angles. However, your base, your foundation is the most important. Therefore, everybody has to start with 7 simple, yet powerful transformative standing exercises called “The 7 Statics”. Apart from The 7 Statics, sitting meditation and legexercises are also part of the foundation. Later on moving forms, partner practice and giving Qi-massage are added. All this to ensure that the practitioner comes to understand his body and mind, simultaneous into detail and as a whole, however contradictory this may sound.

With growing understanding also comes healing. Old injuries and/or long standing pains start to heal and disappear. As for myself, severe ankle pain (ask my parents if you have the chance…) is just gone. The lordosis in the lower back is replaced by a normal spinal curve. Even, and probably the most remarkable effect of this practice, my bunions are straigthening out more and more with every passing day. Of this I have proof as I was so surprised to see it happening that I took pictures. You can see for yourself. The first picture was taken after two months of practice when I started to see difference: The big toes were less on top of the second toes. The other two pictures are after two years. If you want to see the pictures in between you can go to this page:


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