Medical Qigong

“What is Medical Qigong?” is a question that people ask me frequently. Unfortunately there is no easy answer to it.

It’s about relaxation,
and focus.

And it’s about healing,
it’s definitely about healing!

First you will find that there are lots of different answers available. Depending on the education and experience of the practitioner you will get different, sometimes similar, sometimes contradictory explanations. One thing that they alle have in common though, is the fact that the history of Qigong extends back more than 4000 years and that it is rooted in the phylosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Second, traditionally knowledge about Qigong was passed from master to student in elite unbroken lineages, typically with secretive and esoteric traditions of training and oral transmission with every master focussing on his own speciality, leading to many, many forms of (medical) Qigong.

However, a generally accepted modern definition can be found in the 2013 English translation of the official Chines Medical Qigong textbook used in China. It says that medical Qigong is “the skill of body-mind exercise that integrates body, breath and mind adjustments in one”. That same book emphasizes that Qigong is based on “adjustment” of body, breath and mind.

I’m not going to pretend that I know what Medical Qigong exactly is or that I have the one all inclusive definition. I don’t. I can only give my view on it through what I have learned and experienced since starting this practice in June 2014.

For me Medical Qigong is a set of simple exercises to bring back balance in the body. It’s about becoming aware of body habits and discerning which are healing and which are making you sick, uncomfortable or keeping you in pain. It’s about relaxation, intention and focus. It’s about learning to take your health in your own hands and getting older gracefully. It’s about accepting where you are now and work with that.

And it’s about healing, it’s definitely about healing. Physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s Life Changing!